Extra! Extra! The MoHos Move to Second City — Live Show Tuesday, 9/13

September 9, 2011

Please note: Our show is now completely sold out!

We MoHos are tickled pink to announce our next big show — and our new home for live performances in Los Angeles!

Join us on Tuesday, September 13 at The Second City Theater in Hollywood for what just might be our rip-roaringest show ever — “Extra! Extra! MoHos Take Hollywood!”

The Second City Theater HollywoodWe’ve cooked up a smorgasbord of side-splitting sketches: Some new, some classic, all hysterically hilarious.

This show will be a homecoming of sorts. Mr. Willard is, of course, one of the original members of Second City in Chicago, and MoHo Jim Staahl is also an illustrious SC alumnus.

Tip: The Second City Theater is intimate — your chance to see Fred & the gang up close! And admission to the show is just $5. These two factoids converge to ensure that tickets will sell out quickly. Do yourself a favor — book your tix online now!


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